When to consider cleaning the mechanisms of a Comtoise clock?

Cleaning the mechanisms of a Comtoise clock can be done periodically or when there is a delay in the display of the time. A malfunction of the bell or a general restoration is an excellent opportunity to look into it. If diagnosing a watchmaking problem requires experience and an informed eye, it is quite possible to perform the maintenance of one or more parts yourself. This is done on average every ten years.

Use a product suitable for the maintenance of timepieces

In order to take care of often old and fragile parts, it is essential to use products specially designed for micro-mechanisms.

What you need to know to clean up the mechanics of a Comtoise clock

Lubricate the mechanisms of a Comtoise clock ensures the fluidity of the movements of the different pieces. In general, standard maintenance requires lingering on moving parts. Simply apply a drop of ad-hoc lubricant to the pivots at the ends of the axis. Do the same for the anchor and the exhaust wheel. Unless otherwise indicated by an expert, the gables or toothed wheels should not be greased directly.
Cleaning the mechanisms of a Comtoise clock allows you to preserve it for a long time.