Comtoise Clock

As its name indicates, the Comtoise clock originates from Franche-Comté. It is a parquet clock equipped with a pendulum. Like all timepieces, its proper operation requires meticulous maintenance. How to begin cleaning the mechanism of a Comtoise clock?

Composition and operation of a Comtoise clock

A Comtoise clock is distinguished by two mechanisms: the first dedicated to the movement of the hands, the second for ringing. Their training is provided by two cast iron weights, while the pendulum ensures their regulation.

Among the main parts that allow the clock to function properly are:

  • Comtoise ropes with washers and fastening hooks;
  • the spring for pendulum;
  • the barrel crown;
  • The brass bell or stamp;
  • The conical pin;
  • chime stems;
  • Hammerhead;
  • the eyen en…

Each of his pieces demonstrates the complexity of this precision mechanic. It is possible to carry out separately or jointly the cleaning of the mechanisms of the Comtoise clock. In fact, they are located in close proximity to each other, in a removable iron cage.

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